The Walts Team

Walts Wellness was founded by 4 individuals with a strong passion in the CBD and Wellness space:

From Right to Left:
Ronald Peeples Jr.
Terri Peeples
Sheryl Agro

Luke Barton

All of us are from the States and have owned and currently own and operate similar businesses from California to New York to North Carolina. Bringing our combined knowledge and products to London is something that all of us are extremely passionate about as we love helping people. 
Day to day, Luke will be managing the shop while Sheryl, Terri, & Ron will be back in the States managing their other businesses as well as working on new product development for Walts.
We are also all obsessed with the UK and love being here in London. Our goal is to expand quickly all over the capital and in turn in to the European market.  
All of us personally take CBD for it's many benefits - we aren't just selling it, we truly believe in it and use it daily.
If you want to learn more, come on down to Walts Wellness in Fulham and say hi.
We are located at:
61 Walham Grove
SW6 1QR.